Available Nail Shapes

At Delphinitely Nails, we offer the following shapes:

We work with Aprés Nail 2.0 Gel-X tips (Natural), except for the shape Round XXS which are The Painted Dessert Quick Gel Tips.

Find the suitable nail length

When ordering a sizing kit, please take into account the length of your natural nail beds. M or L nail tips might be way too long if you have short or short nail beds (less than 1 cm in length), while XS or S nail tips may not be suitable if you have longer nail beds (over 1,5cm).

Feel free to send us a DM on social media (IG/Twitter) or an e-mail with a picture of your hands if you’re not sure of what shape and length would suit you. We’d be happy to help!

Please note that it is usually preferable to wear press on nails over short trimmed nails.