Measure your nails

We strongly recommend the use of a sizing kit to get your nails measurements and find the best fit.

Why? The use of a sizing kit is the most simple and accurate way to get your nail sizes.

Tips can vary in size between several brands and even within the same brand depending on the shape and the length.

Moreover, the difference in width between certain tip sizes is sometimes down to the half-millimeter or even lessE.g. A size 6 nail tip in Almond M shape is 10.2 mm wide, while a size 6.5 is 9.8mm.

It is difficult to measure the size with as much accuracy if you're doing it manually (with adhesive tape and ruler), because we get measurement to the millimeter only or half-millimeter if you see that your measurement stops between 2 millimeters.

Therefore, the error margin is way higher than if you use a sizing kit to take your nail measurements.

By purchasing a sizing kit, you can be sure to find the best fit in length and shape before ordering press on nails, free of worries and without regretting your choice.

Please note that Delphinitely Nails declines all responsibility and will not send any replacement for free if your press on nails do not fit because of wrong measurements provided, regardless of the measurement method.

With a sizing kit

You can purchase a sizing kit in the desired shape and length here. Read this page for more information on available tip shapes.

Step 1 – Place the tip onto your natural nail without additional pressure. The tip should cover the whole nail bed and fit comfortably from side to side without any overhang on skin.

Step 2 – Repeat for all fingers of each hand and write your sizes on the sizing kit sheet as you go to remember them for later.


  • If your nail is between two sizes, it is better to pick the bigger size as you can adjust the press on nail by filing it slightly.
  • If the nail overhangs slightly on the corners of the cuticle area, you can also adjust the press on nail later by filing it for a more natural look.

With adhesive tape and ruler

It is also possible to measure your nails manually. However, this method remains less accurate than using a sizing kit. Please read this page for more information on available tip shapes.

Step 1 – Stick a piece of adhesive tape on the width of your nail and mark the crease on each sidewall where your nail is the widest with a pen.

Step 2 – Take the adhesive tape off your nail, stick it on a flat surface (e.g. paper) and use a ruler to measure the gap between the two markings. 

Step 3 – Write down the measurement in millimeters (include the half-millimeters if possible/applicable, e.g. 11.5mm). Repeat for all fingers of each hand.